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Timeknowledge Continuum

Multimedia, 2012
Hoxton Art Gallery, London

Information Request, 2012  |  Inkjet
Framed A4 letter from the artist to the Information Commissioners Office.

Information Request, 2012  |  Detail

The Timeknowledge Continuum, 2012  |  Graphite wall drawing
Illustrating the exponential growth of human knowledge and a visualisation of structure of the Timeknowledge Continuum.

Untitled, 2012  |  Book, cyan toner
The pigment saturated book draws reference to conventional medias inability to adequately contain the vast content of Timeknowledge. 

The Totaliser, 2012  |  Cyan toner
A record of the current sum of human knowledge that remains unchanging. Perpetually set to zero the totaliser calculates our collective achievements in relation to the infinite possibility of the universe. 

Untitled, 2012  |  Nylon, shelf & vinyl
A conceptual model of a radical geometric system for the storage of information in which all space contains data. 

Encyclopaedia of User Generated Content, 2012  |  Live video stream
Timeknowledge implies that all information is of equal value. Encyclopaedia of User Generated Content illustrates the levelling of hierarchies that occur in online media through universal authorship and access. A daily search-term dictates a continuous video stream in an attempt to view all the possible content about a chosen subject.

Chances of success, 2012  |  Giclée print on aluminium
In Chance of Success, a calculation of the realistic possibility of Timeknowledge ever being achievable is made.

The Last, 2012  |  Giclée print on aluminium
The Last considers the creative process in relation to Timeknowledge. Dickie’s proposition foretells an end point in which everything knowable exists. His creative practice is a stimulus for a scenario in which the possibility for anything new ceases to exist.

Untitled, 2012 – Magenta & yellow toner, nail
One of the primary implications of Dickie’s theory is a radical altering in our perception of time as a linear structure. Here the apparent missing image signals an abandoning of conventional timekeeping methods.

Untitled, 2012  |  Bill poster & five thumb tacks
Conversation between the lead information governance officer at the Information Commissioner’s Office and Steven Dickie.

Transcript of conversation

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